Phuket Kings Cup


OPENING CEREMONY 3nd December 2023 18.30 hrs. Beyond Kata, Flag Pole Stage
พิธีเปิดการแข่งขัน ๓ ธันวาคม ๒๕๖๖ กำหนดการ เวลา ๑๘:๓๐ ณ ลานเสาธงบริเวณสระน้ำ บียอนด์กะตะ

Download the 2023 Course Book

Download the .pdf version of the 2023 course Book

Download the 2023 Sailing Instructions for Keelboats & Multihulls

Download the .pdf version of the 2023 Sailing Instructions for Keelboats and Multihulls

2023-05-20NOR - Keelboats & MultihullsAnnouncement
2023-09-20IRC Measurement - Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd DecemberAnnouncement

Gain experience from the International Jury.

The International Jury welcomes any competitor or support team member who may wish to have some experience of the work of an International Jury to join us provided there is no conflict of interest (a hearing based on a request from a boat in your class, for instance.) 

It is not always possible to find a place on the Jury for hearings due to space and the requirements within the rules to maintain an International Jury, but we will be as open as possible. 

Observers are always welcome at hearings when we have available space in the hearing room and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss most cases with you after the hearing when we would be able to explain the rules and how they were applied. We must point out that recording hearings is not permitted. 

Please feel free to contact any member of the International Jury if you are interested.